Toast life and living – alongside stunning sunset views – with our exclusive selection of wines and cocktails.

Breakfast : 08:00 - 12:00

Ala Carte Restaurant : 12:00 - 23:30

Pool Service : 11:00 - 19:00


Local black mulberry is one of many Cunda favourites to feature in our unique concoctions, from the vodka-based ‘Eyes of Despot’ to ‘Mulberry 1862’ with its lively kick of rum. Our wine list showcases local Aegean wine makers such as Maadra and Prodom alongside a sublime list of international vintages.

As the last rays fill Cunda’s sky with radiance, gather with friends for food and fun, love and laughter.

Breathe into serenity cooled by fragrant sea breezes on the terrace

Food is happiness. When I first started working as an apprentice for my father at 16, what drew my attention was the happiness people experienced when eating. From that day on, I worked in the kitchen with love in order to make my guests happy every day, and I noticed that this love made my tree of taste and happiness grow bigger. Tasty foods, happy faces.

Fırat Siriş
Executive Chef

Chef Fırat Siriş is committed to the integrity of every dish at 1862. With a focus on sustainability through the sourcing of local seasonal ingredients, he infuses a unique joy into each plate, ensuring smiles not only at the moment of taste, but in every memory of it.

An advocate of the ‘slow food’ movement, he loves taking his time preparing and cooking a dish, a love only surpassed by seeing the guests enjoy every mouthful. We’ve learnt a lot from his unique and insatiable gastronomic curiosity – including the true happiness a meal can bring when it’s crafted with love!