With the health stemming from the fresh and clean nature of the island, Yund Spa adds miraculous vitality to your tired mind and body, with the extracts of unique Aegean plants and olive tree oils.

Revitalize yourself and enhance your natural glimmer with a variety of massage options and experienced therapists available.


It is a massage applied to the entire body, which cleans the body of toxins, maintains the soul and body integrity thanks to its relaxing and sooting effects. This therapy of the Far East is applied oil free, to the acupuncture points along 3 main energy paths in our body, using the pressure of fingertips. Therapy is personal. It sooths the body and mind, reduces the stress and eliminates the feeling of fatigue.


In Chinese culture, the feet are deemed as the reflection of the body. Reflexology is applied by pressing on the reflex points on the foot, with thumb and other fingers and the therapy is finished with foot massage. The specific reflex points on the foot are the reflection of organs in the body. Pressing on these points helps the healthy functioning of the organs in a balanced manner.


Stepping into a bath means actually stepping into the past. The only thing you need to do is to be seated by the side of the faucet, just pouring hot water all over your body to warm yourself thoroughly. At the end of the ceremony that begins as you lie on the massage platform, you get rid of the dead skins and rest your soul.


Its purpose is to alleviate the overstress. The therapist can focus on the desired area according to your needs. It relieves the tension. A unique and special massage blended with the techniques of Aromatherapy and Deep Pressure Massage, created exclusively for YUND Spa only. It helps harmony and balance in your body and soul and relaxes your muscles.